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Dynamic Penetration Technology (DPT™) simulates common hacker attack technique (CHAT) through a multistage process. This innovative patent pending technology simulates all possible attack paths – even the ones normally missed out by scanners and manual approach, thereby providing a comprehensive internal and external solution.
Network Penetration Testing
Application Penetration Testing
Digital Forensics
Training & Education
Unified Compliance Reports
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World's best computational intelligence based technology. Our patent pending technology can analyze and penetrate over 10,000 nodes
simultaneously. Technology that simulates sophisticated human hackers and penetrates using all possible attack paths to compromise your networks and applications.
Analyze servers and services in your enterprise
Threat Modeling
Multistage Attack Path Simulation
Launching the Attack
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Latest News
Cyber Security Works gets published in Computer Society of India (CSI)
Technical papers in the field of Information Security
CSW™ takes care of IT security & compliance needs for your network, enterprise applications and web applications.  Our technology and services are backed by professionals with over 50,000 hours of research in the field of information security and with over 100 International Publications.
Say "NO" to sampling, we provide 100% coverage
Zero appliances are installed or used
No software installed in your enterprise
Efficient, Accurate & Comprehensive
Unified Compliance Reports
PCI, ISO 27002, HIPAA, SOX, SEBI, GLBA & more
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