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Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success requires you to be


  • A trusted advisor You have to be an exceptional relationship builder who's a subject matter expert who can handle SaaS product end to end


On a typical day, you might  

  1. Develop and manage client portfolios
  2. Train and on-boarding customers post-sales  
  3. Be the account manager for your customers. 
  4. You'll be their go-to-person
  5. Build a relationship with your key accounts and the stakeholders 
  6. Hold product demonstrations for customers
  7. Handle and resolve customer requests and complaints
  8. Provide level 1 application support
  9. Do an in-depth analysis of your customers and improve customer experience
  10. Conduct quarterly business reviews with your customers. 
  11. Initiate regular meetings with your customers. 
  12. Showcase newly released features 
  13. Share the product roadmap with the customer when needed and help the product team with early feedback. 
  14. Collect customer requirements/feedback 
  15. Aid in product design and product development
  16. Identify upsell opportunities and ensure renewals. 
  17. Control churn.


We hope you've got:

  1. A very good understanding  and experience in customer success and account management. 
  2. Excellent presentation skills
  3. Demonstrate leadership qualities
  4. Highly organized and able to multitask
  5. Excellent time management skills and an ability to meet deadlines.
  6. Strong analytical abilities, and a love for complex datasets, and an ability to extract actionable insights from datasets.   
  7. Experience working with SaaS products related to billing, CRM, and helpdesk. 
  8. An ability to understand business problems, think of solutions, and also effectively communicate the same. 
  9. Good collaboration skills, and experience working with cross-functional teams.
  10. Excellent communication and listening skills Self-motivation, and a drive to do better.