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CybHer Clash Women's Day Hackathon

Here is what we believe - #SheCanHack! CSW brings to you a 24-hour female-empowerment hackathon, an opportunity for women to explore, experience, and empower themselves in the field of cybersecurity. Here is your chance to prove that #SheCanHack. First prize of Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 10,000 for the runner-up. Register today!


This is a 24-hour female-empowerment hackathon with a specific mission to encourage women in the cybersecurity industry. Our mission is to bridge the gender gap and identify talent amidst all noise. We believe in building a learning environment that is not only thriving but also inclusive.

For more information, check out our FAQ.

Competition Timeline

Open Registrations: February 19, 2021

Close Registrations:  February 28, 2021

Round One Qualifier: March 01, 2021

Round Two Qualifier:  March 02, 2021

Results: March 03, 2021

Final Hackathon:  March 05, 2021

Submission Date:  March 06, 2021

Final Results:  March 08, 202

Hackathon Tasks

Round one - qualifier

One coding task.
Note: Participating aspirants should know to code using Python

Round two - qualifier

2 boot-to-root tasks in CTF format.
Note: The hackers will have 2 flags to capture

Final Hackathon

Boot-to-root tasks in CTF format.

Reward system

Winner - cash prize 40,000INR
Runner - cash prize 10,000INR

Exemplary performers will stand a chance to work/intern with CSW

  • Event TypeHackathon
  • TitleCybHer Clash Women's Day Hackathon
  • Date28 Febraury 2021
  • Duration24 Hours
  • OrganizerCyber Security Works