Decoding CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities

April 2021: Patch Watch Digest

Posted on May 14, 2021 | By Pavithra Shankar

Highlights of April Digest

Weaponized Vulnerabilities

We have 46 vulnerabilities that are known exploits. Here is our analysis –

  • 1 CVE is linked to CryptoMix ransomware.

  • 5 CVEs were alerted by CISA.

  • 5 CVEs have RCE capabilities.

  • 1 CVE with Privilege Escalation weakness.

  • 2 CVEs are associated with Denial of Service.

  • 1 CVE is rated critical and 22 are of high severity.

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Old Vulnerabilities Patched in April 2021

735 Old vulnerabilities have been issued security updates ranging from the year 2003 to 2020.

  • 1 CVE is linked CrpytoMix ransomware.

  • 12 CVEs have been alerted by CISA.

  • 19 CVEs are critical and 213 are high severity. 

89% of the weaponized vulnerabilities are old weaknesses which shows that attackers systematically target them to exploit. 

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Microsoft March Patches 2021

Microsoft issued patches for 108 security vulnerabilities, including  five Zero days  (CVE-2021-2709, CVE-2021-28312, CVE-2021-28437, CVE-2021-28458, CVE-2021-28310)

Check out our Microsoft patch watch edition here.

Oracle April Patches 2021 

Oracle rolls out 390 security patches in which 221vulnerabilities are remotely exploitable.

Check out our Oracle patch watch edition here.

CISA Alerts

31 vulnerabilities have been issued a warning alert by CISA

  • 5 CVEs have been weaponized with known exploits.

  • 3 CVEs are rated critical, and 9 of high severity. 

Click here for our analysis and download patches.

Table: April 2021 Security Patches 

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