2021 Ransomware Spotlight Report: Vulnerabilities, Active Exploits, APT Groups, Ransomware families and more


Through the lens of Threat and Vulnerability Management

Spotlight Report

The most comprehensive research to date about ransomware and its escalating problem.

From APT groups to Ransomware-as-a-service, products they target and the type of weaknesses they love to exploit, this report delves deep into every aspect of this threat and presents the most exhaustive insights and actionable information.

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Key Insights

Our research uncovered 223 vulnerabilities tied to these threats; it has nearly quadrupled since our last report.

We also identified 124 active exploits that have been used to mount ransomware attacks on critical organizations in the past two years.

We identified 125 ransomware families and the CVEs they use to mount their attacks. Some families have as many as 66 CVEs within their arsenal.

Top 3 report findings that are most concerning -

  • 33 APT groups associated with 8 nation states, mounting deadly cyber attacks
  • 15+ ransomware families being sold in Ransomware-as-a-service sites
  • Top 3 CWEs being exploited by ransomware - CWE-119, CWE-20, CWE-264

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