2021 Ransomware Quarterly Index Update is here!

Ransomware Defense Review

CSW’s Ransomware defense review leverages our extensive experience in threat hunting and research on emerging & evolving ransomware. Ransomware review helps identify vulnerabilities that are often targeted by threat actors to mount a ransomware attack on your organization.

Our assessment will identify the risk of an attack, proactively improve defensive posture by closing vulnerable gaps and help secure sensitive data. Our experts will also recommend best security practices and reinforce cyber hygiene within your organization.

An Overview:

Key Service Capabilities

100+ THREAT HUNTERS & SECURITY EXPERTS: Our dynamic team of security experts will scan your attack surface and identify assets and applications that could potentially serve as a gateway for a ransomware attack.

SECURIN VIQ (VULNERABILITY INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT): A dynamic database that provides a single of point of reference for all things related to ransomware. The database maps CVEs tied to ransomwares, their families, associations with APT groups, known exploits, exploit kits, CVSS scores, products & vendors they affect, trending analysis and more.

By combining in-depth research & data with an expert team of security researchers, CSW’s Ransomware defense review helps vulnerable organizations and critical entities defend their attack surface against ransomware attacks.