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Identify vulnerabilities to reduce risk & exposure
  • Network Pentesting
  • Web Application Pentesting
  • Mobile Application Pentesting

An overview

Want to know how you could be hacked?

Know your security posture across your full stack network, cloud, applications, APIs, & mobile applications.

Our Approach

Manual & tool-based processes

Our blend of automated and manual testing process uncovers vulnerabilities that could be weaponized and have known threats.

Near real-time delivery

Findings are delivered through a near real-time RSVP platform that allows you to view, collaborate and interact with security analysts as they pentest.

A hacker’s mindset

Understand how you could be breached and what you need to fix first. Once the test is completed, remediation activities can begin almost immediately without any undue delay.

Easy-to-understand remediation

Comprehensible remediation reports that makes reproducing the issue easy and effortless. You can use our platform to validate the same.

Risk reduction

View historical data and remediation measures undertaken juxtaposed with your risk reduction. Get alerts about vulnerabilities in different segments and stay secure.


Discover assets and scan for vulnerabilities
Run licensed commercial scanners & custom scripts to collate, analyze, and map vulnerabilities to known threats.
Validate vulnerabilities (Port - Protocol - Services)
Remove false positives and focus on vulnerabilities that attract threat actors. Map vulnerabilities based on known threats used by threat actors and APT groups. Check for misconfigurations, missing patches & updates.
Prioritize vulnerabilities based on threat, the likelihood of weaponization, and the value of the exposed asset.
Exposure analysis
Analyze the findings to know how many of these vulnerabilities are present within your environment.
Validate vulnerabilities by testing weaknesses and try to bypass security controls by mimicking a threat actor’s active and stealth attack methods. We use Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTPs) used by Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) listed within the MITRE ATT&CK framework and adopt successful penetration methods from our engagements.
Infiltrate and perform lateral movement
Infiltrate and gain an initial foothold to see if a lateral attack movement can be carried out within your environment.
Report & Delivery
Deliver results through our cloud-based platform. The report captures multiple threat scenarios, the efficiency of existing security controls, and highlights strengths & weaknesses that matter most.

What do you get?

Not just a scan
  • Automated tools and manual validation
  • Retesting (if required)
Know how you could be attacked
  • Detailed proof of concept report
  • Demonstrate a threat actor’s mindset
  • Use a hacker’s tactics to penetrate your defenses
Know your defenses
  • Test your security defenses
  • Conduct a real-time attack in a controlled environment
  • Know your security potential and your vulnerabilities
Know what to fix
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on weaponization, known threats, and asset in question
  • Know what vulnerabilities need to be fixed first
Remediation metrics
  • Easy remediation
  • Proactive guidance and advisory
  • Comprehensive guides to fix vulnerabilities
Help meet industry compliance
  • Meet industry compliance with PCI DSS, SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and NIST.
  • Satisfy requirements of security frameworks such as the NIST, CERT-IN, SANS top 25 dangerous errors and OWASP Top 10
Predictive analysis and early warning
  • Detailed analysis of an attacker’s predictive behavior
  • Advisory about new exploits as they emerge or trend

Why do you need us?

We are cost-effective

Quality & cost-effectiveness co-exists and thrives at CSW. You get to build products and deliver services while we improve your security potential.

Leverage our expertise

CSW focusses on the vulnerabilities that exists in your network & applications and provides more context to threats.

Use an attacker’s mindset

Through focussed tests on internal, external, cloud & application environment we will demonstrate how an attacker could penetrate and move inside your environment.

Actionable Intelligence

Prescriptive remediation guides that provides you precise information on how to fix your vulnerabilities and in what priority.


Cyber Risk in Remote Working

CyberRisk in Working Remotely series examines different variants of technology, popular vendors and applications for vulnerabilities and weaponized CVEs.

Cyber Risk in Online Conferencing

Online Conferencing is one of the key mediums through which remote users maintain communication to share and review work. How safe is your solution? Read our research paper to know more.

Latest Case Study

“The project was well planned and executed and the team was amazed with the achieved results” Principal Security Architect, An American Public Affairs Company.

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