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Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

Reduce your security debt!

Vulnerability Management as a Service is a continuous process to detect, prioritize, and fix vulnerabilities. From infrastructure to code, VMaaS offers full coverage encompassing your entire IT landscape.



We take a risk-based approach to Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS), where we identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities based on weaponization.

We use a near real-time vulnerability platform to display our results. The platform allows you to communicate, collaborate, and manage your vulnerability program in a centralized manner. It maps your vulnerabilities to known threats and context and assigns a risk rating for assets that stand exposed.

Results are rapidly generated from various scans and tests, allowing you to take immediate measures to fix vulnerabilities prioritized for remediation, rather than wait for reports to be formalized, interpreted, and delegated.




Use your scanners to assimilate data along with our scanners and proprietary scripts.


Investigate and map vulnerabilities to threats and potential exploits.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on weaponization, impact, and criticality of the asset.


Chart out a remediation plan to aid developers and IT administrators in fixing vulnerabilities that matter the most.


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Secure Environment

  • We focus on your security to help improve your productivity. All vulnerabilities are mapped to known threats and prioritized by criticality, exploits, and impact.

Cost-Effective Security

  • We help you save costs on full-time equivalent (FTE) workloads, resources, tools, and licenses.

Improved Security Posture

  • We boost your security potential and help reduce your security debt.

Structured Remediation

  • We provide you with structured, easy-to-understand remediation plans layered with rescans for faster remediation.

Why do you need CSW?

Dedicated Team

Our single-minded focus on your vulnerabilities leaves you free to implement projects, initiatives, and development goals unimpeded by security concerns.

Tailored VMaaS Process

Our holistic risk-based vulnerability management process would be tailored to your specific needs and business environment.

Guided Remediation & Proactive Support

We will function as an extension of your security team by proactively neutralizing threats to help you stay a leap ahead of threat actors.



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