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Multiple Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in NextGen Gallery

Affected Vendor





Aug 31, 2015

High Severity


Multiple XSS vulnerabilities was identified on the WordPress NextGen Gallery plugin before 2.1.10, involving thumbnail_width, thumbnail_height, thumbwidth, thumbheight, wmXpos, and wmYpos, and template. 

Proof of concept: (POC)

Visit the following page on a site with the plugin installed. and modify the value of path variable in NextGEN Gallery Photocrati Version 2.1.10 with’></script><script>alert(document.cookie);</script> payload and save it to view further. Now, the added XSS payload is executed whenever the user reviews it.

Note: XSS payload has been tried with the application once after implementing Unfiltered Html Settings as defined to the wp-config.php file

Figure 01: HTTP Request & response for the vulnerable variable photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails[thumbnail_width]

Figure 02: HTTP Request & response for the vulnerable variable thumbnail_settings[thumbwidth]

Figure 03: XSS response executed in the browser



An attacker can inject malicious code into the scope of vulnerable variables to a managed gallery page by providing XSS payload as a value.


Download the latest updated version of the Nextgen plugin and apply the patch as per vendor advisory.


Aug 31, 2015: Discovered in NextGen Gallery 2.1.7 version. 

Aug 31, 2015: Reported to WP Plugin.

Sep 01, 2015: Fixed in 2.1.10 version of NextGen Gallery. 

Discovered by

Cyber Security Works Pvt. Ltd.

  • Affected VendorNextGen
  • Bug NameMultiple Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • CVE NumberCVE-2015-9537
  • CWE IDCWE - 79
  • CSW ID2015-CSW-08-1002
  • CVSSv3 Score5.4
  • Affected Version2.1.7
  • SeverityHigh
  • Affected ProductNextGen Gallery
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