Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

Cyber Security Works in association with Infosec Girls is sponsoring this initiative. CSW’s sponsorship program will sponsor the cybersecurity education of two girls with an annual grant of $2500. To facilitate this program, we would be joining hands with Infosec Girls – a Community for women passionate about information security. Cyber Security Works would like to work along with Infosec Girls to identify girl students from economically weak backgrounds and sponsor their studies in the field of cybersecurity education.

To apply, you must be a citizen of India or a permanent resident. The grant will be given to 2nd or 3rd-year students who wish to study Cyber Security in India.

Apply on or before Feb 15th. Drop the application in the given mail ID.

CSW will conduct a virtual event and the grant certificate will be awarded by Smt. Rama Vedashree, CEO of DSCI.

The selected candidate will be notified upon selection and the payment will be made to the college directly, for the course preferred by the candidate.

Application Details

The candidate can select any college / University that is within India

Prospective students can upload their details –

  1. College Mark Sheets
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. College ID Card
  4. Letter from college HOD attesting the student
  5. Income certificates of the family
  6. Tax and returns filed
  7. Course and institution that they wish to apply for

Submit the applications in the given mail ID, on or before the deadline.

Application Status

You would receive an application confirmation mail from CSW immediately after applying.

Award Details

Infosec Girls and CSW together veto the students’ profiles and select two students from the applications based on –

  1. Aptitude (school marks)
  2. Interest on passion for cybersecurity
  3. Economic background