Ransomware Research: Are you exposed to vulnerabilities tied to Ransomware?
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We focus on your vulnerabilities and prioritize your fixes….

so that you can build your business without fear of a breach

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Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaS)

Knowing what to fix and how to fix it is the first requisite towards a secure cyber landscape. Our VMaS is a structured process that provides threat context to your vulnerabilities and provides insights about what you should fix first to secure your environment.

Pentesting as a Service

Can a hacker breach through your landscape? Our Pentesting methodology mimics a threat actor’s movements. We use tactics, techniques, and tools used by hackers to breach into your system and demonstrate the same with a detailed proof of concept.


As a PCI approved scanning vendor, we can help you become compliant and weed out vulnerabilities from your card data environment (CDE).

Our Approach

  1. We use your scanners or our commercial scanners & proprietary scripts to perform the scans.
  2. Detect, and identify vulnerabilities.
  3. Verify vulnerabilities using the RBVM platform and prioritize them based on exploits, weaponization, and value of the exposed asset.
  4. Perform a penetration test and demonstrate a threat actor’s lateral movements.
  5. Help you fix vulnerabilities that matter.
  6. Improve security posture and eliminate security debt.

What do you get?

Prioritized vulnerabilities
  • We make things easy by telling you what to fix.
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on threats, (exploits, malware, ransomware, and APT groups) and exposed assets.
Demonstrate a threat actor’s movements
  • We test with high precision
  • Use a hacker’s perspective to plan an attack
  • Utilize a threat actor’s techniques & tactics to penetrate defenses
Proof of concept
  • Detailed proof of concept report
  • We map your vulnerabilities to MITRE ATT&CK matrix
Recommendations & Support
  • We tell you which vulnerabilities matters and what you need to fix
  • Detailed remediation support, recommendations, guides for specific fixes.

Why do you need us?

Reduce security debt
Increased team productivity
Reduced exploitation window
Save on FTE cost
Talk to CSW’s team of experts to secure your landscape.