AWS Cloud Security

Early Warning Cybersecurity for Cloud

CSW’s Cloud Security Management services are designed to continuously reduce your overall cloud attack surface by looking at your vulnerabilities across your entire technology stack.



The need for a continuous and holistic cloud security approach has significantly increased as more organizations modernize their critical workloads and take advantage of cloud native capabilities.

When assessing your overall cloud security posture, it is now necessary to include your internal and external infrastructure and network, your applications, and how your cloud environment is configured.

Proven risk-based cybersecurity programs that traditionally include Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning are expanding to include services such as Attack Surface Management, DevSecOps and Cloud Security.




External Cloud Infrastructure

We will identify your known and unknown public-facing exposures including networks, applications, databases and cloud configurations.


Hosted Applications

Discover, assess, validate and prioritize vulnerabilities in your web, mobile and third-party applications hosted in the Cloud.


Internal Cloud Infrastructure

Identify your known and unknown infrastructure exposures including networks, applications, databases and cloud configurations.


Cloud Configuration

Ensure you are following security best practices regarding access control, data protection, network security, containers and API management.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Security

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Cost-Effective Security

  • We help you save costs on security personnel, workloads, resources, and tools.

Continuously Well-Architected

  • We continuously make sure your cloud environment is architected and maintained using proven design principles.

Reduced Misconfigurations

  • Reducing misconfigurations saves your business from issues such as unauthorized access and data loss.

Trusted Security Partner

  • Know that you are secure with a team of cybersecurity and cloud experts backing you up.

Improved Security Posture

  • Reduce your cyber security risk with an improved asset inventory and attack surface to protect yourself from cyber-attacks.

Prioritized Remediation

  • We highlight vulnerabilities based on weaponization and exploitability. Knowing what to fix first reduces the burden on your security team.

Why choose CSW’s AWS Cloud Security?



Our cloud engineers are AWS certified and have extensive experience in helping enterprises of all sizes leverage the power of AWS. Our AWS partner status gives us access to a variety of AWS programs to accelerate your AWS adoption and ensure your workloads are secure.


An Attacker’s Mindset

Through focused AWS assessments and tests on internal, external, cloud and application environments, we will demonstrate how an attacker could penetrate and move inside your AWS environment.


Extended Team

We will function as an extension of your infrastructure team by proactively identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities to help you stay ahead of threat actors.


Harden Your Cloud Security Posture

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