AWS Security Assessment

A Systematic and Automatic Approach to Cloud Security

Our team of AWS experts performs an in-depth assessment of your AWS environment, provides detailed findings, and assists in prioritizing vulnerabilities to remediate.



Using a structured security approach and leveraging best practices can save you from costly challenges down the road. The cloud systems you are building today are not going to be the same systems you will be running in the future. To ensure your AWS environment is secure and fully optimized, you must continuously and systematically assess if you are following AWS best practices.

While AWS is responsible for the “security of the cloud,” customers are responsible for “security in the cloud.” For example, customers are responsible for managing and securing their data, classifying their assets, and applying the appropriate identity and management controls in their AWS environment.

CSW’s Cloud Security Assessment is designed to help you protect and optimize information, systems, data, and other assets hosted on AWS.




AWS Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Review comprises assessing a specific, business-critical workload against the six pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, including security, operational excellence, reliability, performance efficiency, sustainability, and cost optimization.


AWS Configuration Review

As part of the AWS configuration review, our AWS certified engineers will perform manual and automated checks against cloud security best practices to identify any major security risks in your infrastructure, data systems, and AWS configurations.


Deliverables and Reporting

As a result of the overall assessment, CSW will provide detailed technical findings, help prioritize vulnerabilities and risks that were identified, and provide recommended remediations to reduce your threat attack surface.

Benefits of AWS Security Assessent

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Deep AWS Expertise

  • CSW has extensive experience in helping enterprises of all sizes leverage the power of Amazon Web Services.

Increased Compliance

  • We help you comply with industry standards to keep your data protected and confidential.

Reduced Misconfiguration Issues

  • Reducing misconfigurations saves your business from issues such as unauthorized access and data loss.

Improved Security

  • Reduce your cybersecurity risk and the likelihood of a ransomware attack with an in-depth security assessment of your AWS environment.

Prioritized Remediation

  • We help prioritize vulnerabilities to reduce the greatest risk. Knowing what to fix first minimizes the burden on your security team.

Continuously Well-Architected

  • We continuously make sure your AWS environment is well-architected and maintained using proven design principles.

Why choose CSW’s AWS Security Assessment?



Our cloud engineers are AWS certified and have extensive experience in helping enterprises of all sizes leverage the power of AWS. Our AWS partner status gives us access to a variety of AWS programs to accelerate your AWS adoption and ensure your workloads are secure.


An Attacker’s Mindset

We will demonstrate how an attacker could penetrate and move inside your AWS environment through focused AWS assessments and tests on internal, external, cloud, and application environments.


Extended Team

We will function as an extension of your infrastructure team by proactively identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities to help you stay ahead of threat actors.


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