Ransomware Research Report 2022 | Cyber Security Works


Through the lens of Threat and Vulnerability Management

Ransomware Attack Surface Assessment

Sign up for a complimentary Ransomware Attack Surface Assessment and get a consultation with our experts.

What will you get?

  • Get a hacker’s view of your exposures
  • Learn how exposed you are to ransomware
  • Discover known and unknown assets and their exposures
  • What are your critical exposures and what you should fix first.

Note: Sign up with an email address whose domain you wish to assess for Ransomware exposure.

Is your organization susceptible to a Ransomware attack?

Meet our experts

  • Once you sign up for the assessment, our team will scan your domain and generate a report.
  • We will reach out to you once the scan is completed, and you can book a meeting slot with our expert.
  • The complimentary ransomware assessment will be available only for valid email ids and qualifying organizations.
  • This is a passive scan that CSW’s product arm Securin will be performing on the domain link provided in the organization email id. If the domain link is different from the email id, please write to email id with your request.