Red Teaming Assessment

CSW's Red Teaming service involves launching a simulated, goal-oriented, and stealth-based attack on an organization to test the efficacy of their security controls and verify their ability to identify, contain, and eradicate threats. Our red team mimics a real-world attacker’s strategies and aims to compromise the organization without being detected by any security protocols.

An Overview:

CSW’s Red Teaming methodology follows the MITRE ATT&CK Map scenario for maximum effectiveness.

Our Methodology:

  • Plan and launch the attack with special commands used by attackers
  • Evade any encountered defense mechanism or security protocols
  • Acquire user credentials after gaining admin-level privileged access
  • Identify sensitive files, networks, servers, and directories
  • Move laterally through the company systems to access sensitive files
  • Collect sensitive data and package it for extraction 
  • Use the collected data to compromise the organization’s resources