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Predictions for 2022
#Software Vulnerabilities & Misconfigurations

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2022 Predictions

There are no predictions in 2022 for #Software Vulnerabilities & Misconfigurations

2021 Predictions

Prediction #1


Organizations will focus on more services around DevOps, CI/CD pipeline vulnerability testing, and vulnerability management programs by Macy Dennis

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Prediction #2


Organizations will increase focus on application and cloud security-focused programs. They will enable the remote workforce, Data Protection Programs, CMMC Certifications by Macy Dennis

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Prediction #3


2021 will be the year of SOAR and investments in enhanced detection technologies including deception. I am cautiously optimistic that the improvements in security automation, the outstanding work in discovering zero-day vulnerabilities, and other software flaws will improve such that we'll see real reductions in dwell time. I also predict that cybersecurity as a topic for the board of directors will continue to be front-and-center - notably for public companies who are required by the SEC to provide accurate and complete disclosures related to their cyber risks. This focus will drive enhancements as to how organizations address patching and vulnerability management for their technology stacks. Sadly, we will also see the loss of life where OT or healthcare-related technologies are compromised, exposing new levels of liability for organizations in critical sectors. by Matt Stamper

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Prediction #4


Misconfigurations will continue to increase in magnitude. As companies get digitized and move into an online business model, adopt more cloud services, there will be more misconfigurations and mistakes made. Whether misconfigurations of cloud services, e.g. exposing an AWS s3 bucket to the whole wide world to see, or having an any-to-any default posture on firewalls, or exposing a database to the public. Partly human mistakes, partly stress, and also partly skills gap. by Wai Kit Cheah

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