CSW discovers a new zero day in ZOHO CRM Lead Magnet!

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Posted on 8th Oct, 2021 | By Pavithra Shankar 3 minutes

CVE-2021-41773 & CVE-2021-42013: Apache Web Servers are Vulnerable, Patch Now!

On October 4, 2021, Apache announced fixes for a couple of vulnerabilities, including a zero-day flaw that affects Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.49—a widely used open-source, cross-platform web server for Unix and Windows.

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Posted on 5th Oct, 2021 | By Pavithra Shankar 3 minutes

CISA & FBI : Zoho Flaws Being Actively Exploited, Patch Now

The FBI, CISA, and the Cyber Guard (CGCYBERs) warned of a serious vulnerability (CVE-2021-40539) in a single Zoho Signup and Password Management Solution that State Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors are actively scanning the internet for vulnerable servers.

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Posted on 29th Sep, 2021 | By Surojoy Gupta 3 minutes

A 15-year old Vulnerability Exposes Linux to Privilege Escalation Attacks

A critical security flaw in the Linux kernel went unpatched for 15 years till attackers used it to gain local privilege escalation, escape the Kubernetes pod and obtain root privileges on Linux systems. Read our analysis where we look into the vulnerability’s characteristics and the impact it can have.

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Posted on 28th Sep, 2021 | By Surojoy Gupta 4 minutes

Critical OpenSSL Vulnerabilities affecting Linux and NAS devices

Two OpenSSL vulnerabilities, one remote code execution, and a denial-of-service were discovered by network-attached storage device manufacturers, Synology and QNAP. The fear of a ransomware attack leveraging the vulnerabilities still remains high. Here is our analysis of the vulnerabilities.

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Posted on 27th Sep, 2021 | By Surojoy Gupta 4 minutes

Critical VMware Vulnerability: Patch CVE-2021-22005 Now!

On September 21, 2021, VMware published an advisory warning of nineteen vulnerabilities in their vCenter Server. Of the nineteen vulnerabilities, one CVE stands out as being extremely critical and potential to be exploited by ransomware—CVE-2021-22005.

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Posted on 11th Sep, 2021 | By Pavithra Shankar 5 minutes

CVE-2021-26084: Patch the Confluence Servers Now!

The United States Cyber Command and Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) rang the warning bells for companies to patch a critical vulnerability (CVE-2021-26084) in the Atlassian Confluence Server and Data Center. Here is our analysis about this vulnerability.

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Posted on 11th Aug, 2021 | By Surojoy Gupta 3 minutes

Critical SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Flaw Exploited by New Chinese Threat Group

The US defense industrial base sector and many organizations from critical industries, such as software and healthcare, were recently affected by an unpatched critical remote code execution flaw in the Solarwinds Serv-U FTP server software that was exploited by a new Chinese threat group. What was the impact of the attack? Read our analysis to find out.

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Posted on 3rd Aug, 2021 | By Surojoy Gupta 3 minutes

Indexsinas SMB Worm Exploits EternalBlue Vulnerabilities

Despite being patched four years ago, the self-propagating malware, Indexsinas SMB worm, exposes that Windows servers are still vulnerable to the infamous NSA EternalBlue exploits and can be used for crypto-mining. Here is our analysis of these vulnerabilities and their present exposure.

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Posted on 19th Jul, 2021 | By Priya Ravindran 3 minutes

Solarwind Attackers at It Again in Back-to-Back Campaigns

Nobelium, the APT group behind the infamous SolarWinds attack, has resurfaced in two recent campaigns against US-based IT companies and government organizations. Check out CSW’s analysis about 18 vulnerabilities used by the group to exploit and infiltrate their targets.

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Posted on 14th Jul, 2021 | By Surojoy, Priya 3 minutes

New Threat Group Agrius Exploits Old Fortinet VPN Vulnerabilities

New APT Group Agrius is exploiting Fortinet’s vulnerabilities to attack their targets. Shodan results show 56000 target assets around the world that could be vulnerable to an attack. Check out our analysis for more information.

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Posted on 8th Jul, 2021 | By Surojoy, Priya 4 minutes

Back-to-back Air India Attacks indicating more than just a data breach?

The Airline industry is on the brink of a supply-chain attack from threat groups like APT41. According to our research findings, there are 20 vulnerabilities associated with the APT41 threat group.

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Posted on 2nd Jul, 2021 | By Pavithra Shankar 3 minutes

How to detect CVE-2021-34527?

CSW Pentester’s have released a script to detect the Windows Print Spooler Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. Running the script can help organizations detect connected devices that could be vulnerable to exploits.

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Posted on 31st May, 2021 | By Priya Ravindran 3 minutes

CVE-2021-21985: Patch this Trending VMware Vulnerability

On the 25th of May 2021, VMware published an advisory warning of two vulnerabilities - CVE-2021-21985 and CVE-2021-21986 - in their vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation products.

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Posted on 2nd Mar, 2021 | By Sumeetha 3 minutes

Google Trends: Most searched top 10 vulnerabilities in 2020

CSW experts compiled the list of vulnerabilities that were highly searched in Google and came up with top 10 CVEs.

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Posted on 2nd Dec, 2020 | By Pavithra Shankar 5 minutes

Fortinet’s 50,000 VPN Leak Highlights Lack of Cyber Hygiene

A threat hacker group named “Pumpedkicks” has leaked credentials for 50,000 Fortinet VPN devices that impact 140 countries around the world. Check out CSW’s analysis and recommendations for this vulnerability.

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Posted on 6th Nov, 2020 | By Pavithra Shankar 7 minutes

Top 25 Vulnerabilities Exploited by Chinese Sponsored Hackers

The National Security Agency listed 25 vulnerabilities that are being targeted by Chinese state sponsored cyber attackers popularly known as APT41. Know more about these vulnerabilities and patch them before you fall prey to a breach.

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Posted on 5th Aug, 2020 | By Sumeetha 3 Minutes

WastedLocker Ransomware Attack: Indicators of compromise (IOCs)

Evil Corp used compromised legitimate websites to deliver ransomware in Garmin’s environment. The attack caused a 5-day outage for their product users. CSW Analysts have put together a list of domains, hashes, IOCs that have been compromised. Download the list to update your IPS/IDS and avoid being attacked.

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Posted on 15th Jul, 2020 | By Sumeetha 5 Minutes

Atlassian’s new features and the Shift Left Revolution

All scanners list out security vulnerabilities but does the developer know what to fix first and how to go about it?

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